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Developing the KNOW Normal

Life and Work In A Messy New World

COVID-19 continues to impact each of us and in many different ways. Our work lives, personal lives, and daily lives are disrupted. We are not sure what will happen next.   BUT… 

We do have what we know to create our own normal. We are wired to do what is best for ourselves. We each have  the answers within. It’s just making sense of it.  And putting it into action. 

Forest Road

As we all learn to navigate the uncertainty, we invite you to join us for virtual workshops where we will share research, ideas, and practices focused on how to  do what we intuitively know to relate to our-selves, each other, and the world around us in the best ways possible.  

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We are the Bozeman Unlimited Group, Mental Health Professionals committed to helping individuals and organizations live and lead healthier, happier lives. 


Jill Thorngren, PHD, LCPC


Mona Stenberg, RN, LCPC

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